Terms & Conditions

  1. This agreement is provided by SCS Autos Ltd. to cover the sudden and unforeseen mechanical failure or breakage of an item as covered which causes a sudden stoppage of its function. General wear and tear are not covered by this agreement. 
  2. This agreement will reimburse you for the failed component’s, Labour & VAT, subject to complying with the correct claims procedure and the failed components being covered under the terms of your specific agreement. 
  3. Legal jurisdiction: In the event of any dispute between parties relating to this agreement, it is mutually agreed that before embarking on litigation proceedings, the parties will attempt to resolve it through negotiations or effective dispute resolution by the appointment of a Mediator Arbitrator.
    If either party unreasonably refuses to invoke the mediation process, the other party can, on giving notice, rescind this term. This agreement will be governed by Law of England and Wales unless the agreement was enacted in Scotland, in which case the Law of Scotland applies.
  4. No part of this agreement may be altered without the written consent of SCS Autos Ltd.
  5. In the event of a problem occurring with your vehicle, you should stop and obtain advice from your local repairer or from SCS Autos Ltd After-sales Department, in order to avoid additional damage, which would not be claimable under your agreement. 
  6. This agreement does not cover components that have been modified from the manufacturer’s original design. 
  7. This agreement does not offer any reimbursement for any repairs that have not followed the correct claims procedure. 
  8. This agreement will come to an end if any attempt is made to commit fraud and serious action will be taken. 
  9. If the vehicle is sold or disposed of, this agreement will come to an end 
  10. In the event of a claim being presented, we reserve the right:(a) To appoint the repairer of the vehicle: (b) to have the vehicle examined by an independent assessor, the result of which will be binding on all parties. 
  11. The repair labour rate payable will be to a maximum of £50.00 per hour (Inclusive of VAT) unless stated otherwise. Once the repair authorisation has been given by email, it remains valid for the period of 14 days. Failure to carry out the repair work and to return all relevant documentation for reimbursement within this period will result in the authority being withdrawn.
  12. This agreement does not cover any form of accident howsoever caused. This would be covered by your road risk insurance policy.
  13. This agreement does not cover fire, collision, frost, snow, ice, flooding, freezing, corrosion, cracked blocks, cracked cylinder heads due to lack of anti-freeze, all fluid leaks or faulty workmanship of any description. 
  14. This agreement does not cover extreme/off-road use, competitive track purpose, damage caused by impact or failures due to negligence. 
  15. This agreement does not cover exhaust emission MOT Failures.
  16. This agreement does not cover the incorrect grade/use of fuel or any failure that has been caused by the incorrect use of fuel. 
  17. This agreement will not cover vehicles that have had the manufacturer warranty removed for any reason. 
  18. This agreement does not cover bodily injury/death, accidental damage or any other damage howsoever caused. 
  19. This agreement does not cover inherent faults of any description or those caused by faulty workmanship or poor preparation. In most cases an independent assessor will be used to ascertain/confirm an inherent fault. 
  20. This agreement will cover consequential damage if the failure of a covered component causes another covered component to fail. (Consequential damage does not include driver abuse/neglect or continue use after the initial event). 
  21. This agreement and the payment of an agreed repair may be subject to an excess, please refer to your invoice for details of this excess. In the event of an agreed repair, this excess will be deducted from the overall agreed amount paid by SCS Autos Ltd. 
  22. This agreement does not cover acts of negligence or driver abuse that render components inoperative. 
  23. This agreement does not cover serviceable items or components that require periodic replacement. General maintenance procedure and adjustment are also not covered by this agreement (ie those items that would normally be maintained, replaced or adjusted during the routine scheduled servicing of the vehicle.) The following is an example, but not a definitive list: shock absorbers, glow plugs, brake pads/shoes, brake discs/drums, drive belts, all filter types, all oils, brake fluid, antifreeze, screen wash, wiper blades, bulbs complete exhaust system, clutch frictional material and air conditioning re-gassing. 
  24. Timing belts are not covered if they are being replaced as part of the routine scheduled service procedure for your vehicle.
  25. Engine and manual/automatic gearbox claims will be refused if it is proven that previously scheduled oil and filter changes have not taken place at the specified time. 
  26. Damage caused by non-covered items and influences causing damage to covered items is not covered by this agreement. 
  27. This agreement does not cover any component with a Motor Manufacturers known failure which has resulted in any form of issued Technical Bulletin, Dealer Advisory or Recalls. 
  28. This agreement does not cover any form of damage caused by excess carbon build-up or carbon corrosion. 
  29. We accept no liability for loss for use, inconvenience, lost time, commercial losses or any other incidental or consequential damages. 
  30. VERY IMPORTANT: You are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. You have a maximum of 1,000 miles or 28 days (Whichever is the sooner) to have the service completed. If you exceed this, the agreement will come to an end and no refund will be given. All relevant vehicle service invoices must be retained as they will be required in the event of you seeking reimbursement by this agreement.

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